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Creative Electronic Consultants has designed all of the Pulsed High Voltage systems used in the Road Sentry and the Road Patriot systems.

The Road Sentry system uses High Voltage Pulses in the form of Electrostatic Discharge to disable or damage the engine control electronics of a vehicle. This then causes the engine to stall and the vehicle to safely coast to a stop. These systems produce high voltage pulses of up to 150 kV.

Road Sentry Configurations

The Road Sentry system is available in several different configurations. The most popular is the self-contained man portable version (shown at the upper right). This product uses internal rechargeable batteries for power and can be deployed from a squad car by one person in a matter of seconds. It is armed remotely via a radio signal or a pneumatic control, and has been proven to stop vehicles traveling over 60 MPH.

Other configurations include the “Mini-Sentry” shown to the right.





Road Sentry Applications

Road Sentry systems have been purchased by several agencies for evaluation. Other configurations include permanent and semi- permanent installations, for such applications as access control for commercial parking lots, embassies, and secure installations. These versions are available for operation from commercial power lines or portable generators.






High Voltage Testing

Creative Electronic Consultants has all of the test equipment and facilities to test any of your prototypes and to develop a High Voltage Pulse Power system per your specifications.


In addition CEC has the expertise and computer systems to document the results and performance of any circuit or prototype.





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road sentry in road (png)
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